Just Yell “Plot Twist!”

Oh, 2016. You are a doozie.

2015 was a very trying year for my family. I had hoped that when we ushered 2016 in, we would be done with transition and change. I was wrong.

Two weeks ago, my husband abruptly lost his job. No warning, no signs. Any time a job is lost, it hits a family hard. But when you’re a single-income homeschooling family, it’s a Really Big Issue.

The night we found out, I sat down with my computer and applied for every job I could find. I was so lucky and so blessed to find a job in under a week as an editor for an Atlanta-area publishing company. And I’m actually getting to use my English degree, which is awesome.

But it’s a huge change.

It’s a change for me, a change for JC, and a change for my husband. It’s a change for our schedule, our co-ops, and my writing. And, to put it lightly, I am change adverse.

I wish I could say that this was going to be the last change for awhile, and that my family was going to sail along smoothly through the rest of 2016. But I don’t think it it. I think there’s a lot more transition in store for us.

There’s a funny thing about being a parent: when things happen, or the sh!t hits the fan, or something happens that you need time to process…well, tough. Sometimes you just have to put on your big girl panties and slap a big smile on your face to keep things normal for your kid. And that’s just what I’ve been doing.


We’re having a major plot twist right now. But every good story needs a couple of plot twists, right? That’s what makes it interesting. That’s what makes it better.

There’s always a silver lining. I love editing, and I’m getting to put that fancy degree that’s hanging on my wall to use. JC is getting to experience different teaching styles and ideas while his dad pitches in with homeschooling. And I get a chance to be the parent he’s SUPER excited to see at the end of the day…which is pretty cool.

Have you had any major life changes happen recently? How do you deal with life’s plot twists?


31 thoughts on “Just Yell “Plot Twist!”

  1. I’m also fairly change adverse. Or at least adverse to changes I do not initiate myself. There have been some big changes at work, but nothing big life wise I suppose. It sucks to hear about your husbands job. I’m hoping the next few “plot twists” that come my way will be positive & enjoyable.

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  2. I am sorry to hear your husband lost his job.
    But that is awesome you had a degree and the skills to land a new job so quickly! Not only that, but it sounds like it will be one you really enjoy, and you can’t get a better deal than a job you love.
    Good luck with your new job and new schedules!!

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  3. I love calling it a “Plot Twist”! I love your positive attitude, that is all you can do in a situation like this! My plot twist is no where near yours but I am dealing with a concussion that at this point has had me out of work over a week and I am tentatively scheduled to return on 2/22. However, that is only dependent on passing my second concussion recheck appointment (I failed the first). I have to take some of you positiveness!

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  4. Kylee Cooks says:

    I loathe and detest change…. I fight it, even when it’s a good change.
    I LOVE the way you write. I feel like we’re having a real conversation – and I like your voice..

    Will be adding you to my feedly so I can keep up with you!

    (found you via the bloghop, here to stay)


  5. I think I need to start using “Plot Twist” more often because it’s necessary and it might actually lighten the mood. I wish you so much like. You are clearly proactive and wasted little time. Based off of that, I think you will do well. 🙂

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  6. That sounds like an interesting time! My husband would like to quit his job and start his own business – but without the correct resources, that just isn’t going to work (for a while!). I have a feeling that our next “plot twist” will be our next pregnancy,…and I hope that there isn’t any significant twists that happen before that 🙂

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    • Starting off on your own is a challenge, that’s for sure! You’re smart to identify that you’ve got to have your ducks in order. Pregnancy is the best plot twist! I hope it’s a great chapter 😉

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  7. Sorry to hear your hubby lost his job but congrats to you and what you have now sounds like a dream job.
    Homeschooling is a great idea. Right now, I am tutoring some homeschooled kids and I’d love to do it when I have my own children.

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  8. 2015 ended with a lot of changes for me as well. I was offered a full time job which I started in January, my dad who I was living with at the time wanted to move father away. And in the end I decided to move in with my boyfriend and his family, because of work and well because I love my bf and didn’t really want to be stressed out trying to balance everything and rarely see him too! I started my blog, and started looking into career options (that weren’t necessarily in my business degree) I’m still adjusting I feel like to everything and trying to figure out what is next! But I can feel your strength and know that you can make the best of all this and persevere! Glad to have met you via the blog hop!

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