S(no)w Day

Here in the Atlanta, we’re gearing up in hopes of getting a few inches of snow tonight.

We tend to get a little crazy at the threat of snow here in the south. We just don’t know what to do with it. As a general populous, we feel the need to go buy gallons of milk and loaves of bread. We forget how to drive and have many wrecks, even before the predicted weather arrives. And we cancel EVERYTHING. All schools, a lot of businesses, and most of the government offices were closed all day today in anticipation of the snow that should appear this evening.



Of course, I can’t say I really blame the powers-that-be for being a little trigger happy on the cancellations. A couple of years ago, winter weather caught Atlanta off guard and it was a nightmare–kids and teachers were trapped at school overnight, people were stuck on the interstate for 12+ hours…it was a disaster. So Atlanta is a little jumpy when it comes to snow.

I do hope we get a little snow…enough to go outside and stomp around in. JC is almost beside himself with the thought of setting up a “real life Hoth” with his Star Wars characters in the backyard. And I may sneak around the neighborhood and do this:


Do you get a lot of winter weather where you live? Or are you a southerner hoping for an inch or two like me?


10 thoughts on “S(no)w Day

  1. I thought Atlanta already got some! My hubby was supposed to leave later this weekend for his school in Missouri, but had to leave early today to avoid the storm. He said it’s been coming down pretty steady, but still drive-able, verrrryy slowly through MD, Pittsburgh, and the start of Ohio… they get kinda crazy over here by the Delaware beaches over nothing too.

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