This Will Be The Year.

I’m not making resolutions this year. Why? Because I do not keep them. Resolutions from years past hang over my head like a giant, scowling to-do list that is never, ever going to get done. So this year, I’ve made a list of things I want to do this year that are FUN. This may be the year I finally drop the weight or organize my house from top to bottom, but it won’t be because I’ve declared them resolutions. This will be the year for…

…More sleep. Less social media scrolling before bed.

…More movement. Less crazy structured workout plans.

…More beauty in my house. Less stuff for stuff’s sake.

…More good books. Less mediocre tales.

…More nature. Less screen time.

…More decadent and special yummy treats. Less eating out of boredom.

…More regular mornings and evenings. Less fly by the seat of our pants patterns.

…More spending time with people I love. Less forced social interactions.

…More standing up for myself. Less pushover.

…More intention. Less random.

…More writing stories. Less writing “to do” lists.

What do you want more of in 2016?



6 thoughts on “This Will Be The Year.

  1. I like the “less stuff for stuff’s sake.” This year I want more physical activity rather than reading on the best yoga moves. I want more home cooked meals but I’m not ready to commit to meal planning yet. Organization in the home instead of reading every organize article I see sounds good. Great post and good luck!

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  2. Brenda Olson says:

    Sounds like this is the year to have fun!. I too, am not making resolutions. I am just putting one foot in front of the other and trekking down my path.

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