Holly Jolly Books for Kids 

I love Christmas. I love children’s books. So you can imagine how gleeful I get when Thanksgiving ends and I can pull out our holiday books, many of which I admit I owned before I had a kid. 

Here are our favorites this year:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: JC is obsessed with this book. We read it at least once a day. We listen to the audio book. We watch the movie. There is something so charming about the rhymes and rhythms of this book, and it packs such an important lesson into simple prose. 

A Charlie Brown Christmas: Oh, good grief: know how many times I’ve read this book so far this season? I don’t mind, though, because I love it. I love that Charlie Brown feels a little blue at the holidays–because I think we all do, sometimes. 

The Night Before Christmas: So, I might like this one a little more than JC, although he loves the description of Santa. I adore the language in this poem, especially this line: “as dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly/ when they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky”. It’s one of my favorite lines of literature ever. 

How Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas: This is a super cute addition to the series that puts dinosaurs in real life situations: how do they eat? Go to school? Say goodnight? All the books crack JC up, but especially this one.

Eloise at Christmastime: Lets be honest: if you read this book as a kid, you wanted to be Eloise just a little bit. It’s been a great launching pad for looking up pictures of New York City and talking about Christas traditions. 

What are you and your little one reading this season? Any suggestion? 


4 thoughts on “Holly Jolly Books for Kids 

  1. I don’t think I knew Charlie Brown was a book… I think I’ve only seen the TV show. These are great books. I’m going to have to go get these from the library and AJ can have holiday story time. I haven’t read books to him this school year and I think he’d get a cozy feeling from mom reading to him during the holidays. Awww, thanks for the fabulous idea!! 🙂

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