I Read Banned Books. Do you?

Banned Books Week is wrapping up, but I couldn’t let it pass by without sharing a few things.

I read banned books. Not because they’re banned per say, but because I love to read and a lot of the books I love happen to be banned in some place or another. I read based on my preferences, and I make decisions about what my child is ready to read. For example, it is no secret that I LOVE the Harry Potter series. I can’t wait to share them with JC–when he’s old enough, and I do not believe at 5 years old he’s ready for the some of the elements, language, and themes raised in the series. And I feel like that’s MY decision to make–not someone else.There are plenty of books on the banned books list that I don’t read for whatever reason: I don’t like the subject matter or I find them offensive. But once again, I get to make this choice. Nobody else.


And so I support books that groups have tried to ban, because I don’t believe in censorship. A few statistics from the American Library Association about the books most challenged in 2014:


Do you avoid books that have been banned? Or do you seek them out?


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