Read Me A Story: Favorite Kid Books Right Now

Last week passed in a blur of late night fevers and kiddo tylenol. JC hardly ever gets sick, so even a minor stomach bug like the one he contracted last week seem major. And while I didn’t do anything last week but care for him–no blogging, no writing, no laundry or house cleaning–being stuck on the couch with a sick kiddo was the perfect opportunity to read some of our favorite books and discover some new ones. On the hot list at my house right now:

The Berenstain Bears: There are always a handful of Berenstain Bear books in rotation at our house, but our current favorites are Too Much Vacation and Messy Room.


Disney Bedtime Favorites: JC loves to hear stories about his favorite Disney characters outside their movies, so the “collection” stories are always big hits. The bedtime stories all end with the characters falling asleep. Some of the stories are a little lame–like the one we read last night about Princess Aurora singing her fairy friends to sleep–but for the most part they are pretty good stories.

The Minion Movie Junior Novel: I’m not sure which part of this chapter book JC likes best: hearing the movie retold, or hearing me try to talk like a minion. 


10 Minutes till Bedtime: This simple countdown book has been a favorite for a while now.  It’s hilarious, and every night JC finds something else to look at in the busy pages: the baby hamster and his funny phrases, the hamster that is stuck on something different on each page, or the hamster that bounces his soccer ball off different things (including the hamster host). It always amazes me how the simple books are the ones that offer so much.


The Paddington Treasury: Before we jumped into the full Paddington chapter books, I introduced JC to him through this treasury. It is beautifully illustrated and I find JC going through it on his own often. The stories are a little on the short side, but that just means we get to read more than one.

What are your kids reading right now?  What are your favorite kid recommendations? 


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