You Need a Time Out

It’s writing workshop time! The prompt this week: List 10 people, places or things you’d like to give a timeout to. 

10: Myself. Being sent to my room alone to think? Yes please.


9. John Greene, because his books give me too many feels.

8. Ansel.

7. The kiosk workers at the mall who swoop on you as you walk by. I know they’re just going their job, but whoa.

6. The super skinny, super perky sales girl who worked at Destination Maternity back when I was pregnant. Also, the genius who decided to put that particular store next to Victoria Secret in my mall. Both of you, in the corner.

5. The writers of “Let it Go”. Because we still haven’t.

4. Whoever decided take strawberry daiquiri Jelly Belly jelly beans out of circulation.

3. The 85/75 connector in downtown Atlanta, because no matter what time of day it happens to be, there is traffic on it.

2. The party responsible for canceling Firefly.

1. People who consistently mix up “you’re” and “your”. Go sit in that chair and think about things until you’ve got it figured out.

Who would you put in time out?


9 thoughts on “You Need a Time Out

  1. mamaslosinit says:

    I’m happy to support every single one of those time outs! I love that you gave an entire highway a timeout…sound like it definitely needs one!


  2. I didn’t realize strawberry daquiri was gone! I don’t get them too often, but that’s usually one of the flavors I go for when I buy them. You’re right about the kiosk people. The flat iron ones are the worst!

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