Writer’s Workshop: Things I Might Have Been

You HAVE to go back in time and choose a different career path for yourself. What do you choose?

I didn’t have to think about this much at all. If I had to go back and choose something totally different from anything I ever did, I would be an archivist.

I have always loved recording things.I have an uncanny knack for remembering dates and obscure timelines. I love photographs–especially ones that belong to other people. I like to piece together stories, and I would be perfectly content to bend over dusty old books in a big library.

I can just picture myself in this other life: distracted, oblivious to all other things except my current project, pencils sticking haphazardly out of my bun…


…Okay, so maybe I’m not that far off.

If you could go back and have a different career, what would it be?

Today’s musings brought to you by Mama Kat and her writing workshop.


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