Two Words


I saw this on a Facebook page I follow, and it made me think.

I spent awhile reading the comments–once I got over the surprise of how many people chose things like birth control and leave him, I found some good ones:

Respect Yourself.
Mom’s right.
Think Twice.
Don’t Settle.

I wanted to leave a comment with my two words, but I struggled. I’m not a “two word” kind of girl…I’m wordy and verbose. It’s why I struggle so much with Twitter. 140 characters? How can I possibly wax poetic in 140 characters?!?

Anyway, I spent a day or two thinking about it, and I finally settled on two words I would send back to my younger self:

Stay True.

I almost always have a gut feeling about things–and it’s when I don’t follow my gut that I get into trouble, end up involved with toxic people, or find myself in unhappy situations. And there have been too many times in my life that I’ve ignored my inner voice and listened to the ones around me instead.

So if I could go back and tell myself anything, it would be to stay true to my beliefs and what I felt was right. It would have saved me a lot of messes!

What two words would you tell your younger self?


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