10 Things I Love About Motherhood

Mama Kat is up to her Writer Workshop shenanigans again! Up today: 10 things I love about motherhood.

10. How it’s changed the way I look at my husband. He doesn’t understand it, but when I watch him playing with our kid I find him more attractive than ever.

9. That I get to re-read and re-watch all my favorite childhood books and shows. Fraggle Rock, anyone?

8. That it makes things I used to take for granted–like 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep–a special and magical gift.

7. Playing in the sand.


sandy little boy feet

6. The grin I get when my early-bird son notices I’m awake. He is always so  happy to see me in the mornings.

5. Getting to tick off the inches on his growth chart. It’s bittersweet that he grows so fast, but I know some moms don’t get the luxury of a healthy, growing kid.

4. An unprompted “I love you, mom”.

3. Seeing Walt Disney World through my kid’s eyes.

2. Bedtime and the bliss of seeing my son’s eyes shut sleepily, knowing we have made it through another day.

1. This.


What tickles you about motherhood?


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