Confession: I Haven’t Read…

Being a big book person and reader, when the news broke yesterday that Harper Lee was publishing a second novel this summer, I got no less than half a dozen texts/e-mails about it.

Have you heard? Are you excited? What do you think it will be about?  My friends all wanted to know what I thought about the big news. And all I could say on the subject was…

I haven’t read To Kill a Mockingbird. <hangs head in shame.>

Somehow I made it through my education without reading this pivotal novel–an impressive fact considering I have a degree in English.


I am shamefaced and hiding behind my book.

I decided to remedy the situation and pulled the book off my bookshelf to begin reading immediately (because yes, somehow I have a well-read copy of it on my shelves. I can’t even explain myself). And I also e-mailed my 8th grade English teacher (because I’m totally friends with her on Facebook) to find out how I managed to miss reading it.

Confession time: what super famous or popular book haven’t YOU read?


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