Why: A Poem of Questions

Today’s Mama Kay Writing Workshop prompt: write a poem about the last conversation you had with your kid.


“Mom? Why?

Why do I have to wear my coat outside?

Oh, it’s only 30 degrees? Well, I really don’t mind.

Why can’t I eat only yogurt all day?

It will make my tummy hurt? Well, if that’s what you say.

Why can’t I wear my pirate costume to bed?

Nah, I don’t think my sword will poke me in the head.

Why can’t I put neon paint on the wall?

I don’t think the next tenant will mind at all.

Why can’t I watch YouTube late into the night?

Does it matter which sock goes on the left or the right?

Why do I have to say thank you and please?

Why can’t I open my eyes when I sneeze?

Why is lava so hot and ice so cold?

Can I have a pet dinosaur when I’m old?

Mom, do you love me even when I make a huge mess?”

“Silly boy–the answer to that is always a yes.”


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