Book Bargains

Looking for something new to read? Ready to start on your 2015 reading list? Here are some of my favorite places to score new books at low prices.

(Sidenote: I’m not being compensated in any way for this…these places are just where I’ve found the best books deals!)

Barnes & Noble is running their “red dot” sale right now–tables full of already discounted books at an additional 50% off. No store near you? Check out their online 85% off sale and their online books under $5.  A lot of these books are best sellers from years gone by, so you can find some good titles!


Some of the books I’ve found on Barnes & Noble bargain bins this year!

If you have a Nook, be sure to keep an eye on Barnes & Noble’s Nook Deal of the Day and the Nook Daily Find. If you don’t have a Nook, you can download the Nook app on most devices and take advantage of the good deals without having to buy an e-reader.

The same goes for Amazon’s Kindle. They do have a program called Kindle Unlimited that gives you access to over 700,000 book and thousands of audio books for $10/month on any device with the Kindle app. I like it better than their Amazon Prime book deal, because you can read multiple books and more than one a month. I will say that despite the advertised number of books, I didn’t find all that many that were interesting to me…but it’s definitely worth taking a look.

Books A Million also has a great bargain section, with selections similar to Barnes & Noble. They are also currently running a buy 2, get 1 free sale.

Of course, you can never discount your library. I know that, as a mom, I often end up in the library for story time and spend time picking out books with JC…but I never think to get my own. Sometimes the wait lists for popular books can be long, but I like to go online and request books, and then they have a nice pile of them ready for me at checkout when I go with JC. A lot of libraries also have ebook options.

Where do you get the best deals on books?


2 thoughts on “Book Bargains

  1. My library has a 10 cent rack!! They are constantly replenishing it with, gently used books!! They have great titles and have contributed greatly to my collection. I was just at B&N today though, sigh! I love that place ❤


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