What I’m Working on: December Edition

This fall, I had one singular writing goal: complete a novel during NaNoWriMo. All of my writing energy went into getting a rough draft done—and when you only have about an hour a day to yourself, that is no small feat. But I did it! You all know what comes after a rough draft, though: the painful, tear-producing process of editing. I plan to edit through the end of the month, and then pass it on to a handful of kind souls who have offered to read it for me. Once I get some feedback, I’ll begin the task of starting to shop it around. I’ve only made it this far in the process once before, so I’m both excited and terrified. Here is the description I listed on my NaNoWriMo page:

When David Graff wakes up dead, he’s surprised to find he’s not in heaven…yet. Before  he can make his way through those proverbial pearly gates and greet the ones that went before him, he must say goodbye to those he left behind. With only a mutt called Barney to guide him, David visits family and friends to wrap up loose ends and leave them one last happy memory–while learning a thing or two about himself along the way. 

So that’s my month when it comes to writing. It’s a light load, but it is the holidays, and JC and I will be busy little critters preparing for the big day. As a 4-year-old, he has really wrapped his head around Christmas this year, and I’m excited to introduce some of my favorite holiday things to him. Our holiday bucket list:


I’m trying not to plan too much, because I want to see what he falls in love with and what he wants to do. We also take our annual family vacation during the holiday season, and this year we’re road tripping to St.Louis, Chicago and Cincinnati. It’s our first real “non-Disney” vacation.

For home school this month, I’m focusing on what I call discovery boxes. We follow Project Based Homeschooling, which means that JC learns through creating and doing what he is naturally curious about. When I want to guide him toward new things or introduce a new theme, I use the discovery boxes. I’ll be giving lots of details on these soon, so make sure you check back!


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